5 Best Things to Do in Singapore

A cosmopolitan city with a thousand faces, Singapore is one of the most fascinating and evocative destinations in South Asia. It is an important industrial and financial center on the continent, but it is also a popular tourist destination. In fact, many wonders attract visitors and give them great emotions. We have chosen for you some unmissable stops for an unforgettable holiday in Singapore.

Here are the best things to do and see in Singapore :

1. Gardens by the bay

The Singapore authorities are very concerned about the quality of life of their citizens, which is why for years, they have been pursuing the important goal of making the city more and more enjoyable. To this end, many efforts have been aimed at creating new green areas, including the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. This is a huge public park of over 100 hectares in the heart of Singapore. Consisting of three different gardens, this space dedicated to nature comes from reclaimed land and is a real treat for the eyes.

The park overlooks the Marina Reservoir Reservoir Reservoir, offering a beautiful view to its visitors. One of the most popular attractions is undoubtedly the super-trees, vertical gardens in the shape of gigantic trees, which in the evening light up and create games of light and music in that fantastic show called Garden Rhapsody.

2. Chinatown

A large district dedicated to Chinese culture and traditions, the Chinatown district is one of the most visited. And it shouldn’t surprise us: an infinity of typical shops from which come out sounds and scents that attract everyone who passes in front of you, many shops displaying bizarre and curious objects, tea rooms where you can taste the real Chinese flavors.

You can get lost in the neighborhood streets, being enchanted in front of the many amazing attractions of this area so loved by tourists, and of course, you can enjoy some typical delicacies. During the Chinese Carnival period, then, Chinatown dresses up, and the atmosphere becomes almost surreal.

3. Street food

Singapore cuisine has exceptional characteristics. Thanks to its multiculturalism, the country offers many flavors in a delicate and balanced mix. Chinese, Malaysian and Indian dishes are the main courses you will find in Singapore restaurants. But if you don’t want to waste a minute of your time visiting the city, take advantage of the tasty street food.

There are large areas dedicated to food, open-air markets where many kiosks crowd during meal times, offering food for all needs. In a few meters, you can satisfy all your culinary desires.

4. Clarke Quay

The Riverside District, the city’s central area, unfolds along the northern bank of the Singapore River. Some of its neighborhoods are quite charming, such as Clarke Quay, which lies within walking distance of the water. It is one of the most touristy areas since it is full of picturesque historic buildings and beautiful gardens and bars and clubs that light up Singapore’s nights.

Nightlife is just one of the main features of Clarke Quay. On the other hand, there is nothing more evocative than strolling along the river banks and admiring the colorful lights that form beautiful plays of color. And then, dive into the crowd and kick off hours of unbridled fun.

5. Orchid Garden

Nature lovers will be amazed at the wonder of the Singapore Botanical Gardens, a huge park that has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most popular attractions is the National Orchid Garden: over 3 hectares of hilly terrain that is home to more than 1000 species of orchids and about 2000 hybrids.

In the heart of the park is Burkill Hall, an old colonial house once the residence of the director of the Botanical Gardens and now used as a wedding venue. At the back of Burkill Hall, we can admire the VIP Orchid Garden, a garden that houses the orchids that have been named after famous people. It is here, for example, where the famous Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana is located.

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