15 Free Things to Do in Madrid

If you visit Spain, you shouldn’t leave without visiting the capital, a city loved by so many for all the things it has to offer. There’s always a show going on, a new corner to discover, an interesting exhibition or a place to relax and enjoy the weather. If you are a budget traveler like … Read more

12 Best Places to Go in Ibiza

Although this famous island is known best for its nightlife, beaches and hippie vibe, I can assure you its charm is far more than that. People say that the island either traps you or pushes you out and for those who are lucky to feel its magic and don’t know the island too well yet, … Read more

10 Best Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, lively, modern, and at the same time rich in history and interesting architectural buildings that boast 7 monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage list designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudì. Walking along the pedestrian streets of the old town, along the promenade and in the green areas you … Read more