Nordlandsbanen, the train that cuts through the Arctic Circle

Traveling by train through the fantastic landscapes of Norway is an unforgettable experience. The Nordland Railway is the longest railway line in the whole country, and is also one of the most impressive: in addition to connecting two beautiful towns, it crosses breathtaking views along its route.



Lovers of unspoiled nature will appreciate a wonderful journey to discover the most fascinating places in Norway. With its 730 km, the Nordland Railway departs from Trondheim, a small town that overlooks the fjord of the same name and which, with its colorful houses, offers a truly picturesque spectacle. The railway line ends in Bodø, another charming Norwegian city known mainly because it is one of the departure ports for the Lofoten Islands and because it is home to the most powerful whirlpool in the world.

But let’s go back to the Nordland Railway: its charm lies not only in the two beautiful places it connects but above all in the wonderful landscapes it crosses. Since this is a train that makes a very long journey, the views that you can admire along the way are the most varied. From the beautiful green forests of the Trøndelag, one of Norway’s wildest and most lush regions, to the Saltfjellet mountain range, which lies a short distance from the beautiful Svartisen glacier. And of course, you’ll be amazed at the fantastic postcard views of Norway’s famous fjords.


Approximately two-thirds of your journey to Bodø, you will arrive in Mo I Rana, a simple and very lively town with a special feature. It is the gateway to the glacial landscapes of northern Norway: at its height, the train crosses the Arctic Circle. On the last stretch of the Nordland Railway, you will discover the fascinating glaciers and the high peaks of the polar regions, and even more surprising is the panorama that will appear before your eyes in the evening. Between the end of September and the end of March, you can admire the spectacle of the Northern Lights, while in summer you will enjoy the magic of the midnight sun.

Norway is once again the queen of train travel. For example, the famous Flåmsbana, a railway line only 20 km long with a gradient so steep that it is one of the steepest in Europe. There are so many tourists who come to the small village of Flåm just to travel this short route full of charm and excitement. With the Nordland Railway, on the other hand, you can enjoy a long experience that is fully part of the most modern trends: in recent years, in fact, you are rediscovering the pleasure of traveling slowly by train, enjoying the beauty of fairytale landscapes.

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