10 Best Things to Do in London

Mary Poppins, Abbey Road and the Beatles who cross the street, the Queen who drinks tea and the angry period of punk: this, and much more, is London. The English capital never loses its charm, and the numerous monuments to be seen absolutely attract thousands of tourists. If you also have “London’s calling” and you … Read more

10 Best Things to Do in Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a beautiful Canadian city, the second most populous in the country and the first in Quebec, the French-speaking part of Canada. It can also be considered its cultural capital, while Toronto, which is the official one, has an important economic role between business and affairs. Full of green areas and attractions just waiting … Read more

5 Best Things to Do in Paris

Paris is one of the most loved and famous cities globally, a lively center of art, fashion, culture, and gastronomy. The spectacular “Ville Lumière,” the City of Lights, offers an unforgettable experience, an atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere and difficult to describe, you have to get lost along its endless avenues, in multicultural neighborhoods … Read more